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The prerequisites for the CAPM exam are as follows:. Because those planning to earn CAPM certification are not required to have project management experience or a four-year degree, the CAPM is ideal for recent community college graduates or even current students who want to bolster their resume with a credential that demonstrates commitment to a career in project management. While the CAPM is ideal for people beginning their careers, candidates must have 23 hours of project management education before taking the exam.

Project management education can be completed online, enabling candidates to fulfill this requirement without putting their professional or collegiate obligations on hold. Some universities may also offer project management education at this level as a part of a degree program.

Project Management Process Groups

The prerequisites for the PMP exam are as follows:. Unlike the CAPM—which requires 1, hours of general work experience—PMP candidates with only a secondary degree must have 7, hours of experience in leading and directing projects to qualify, while those with a four-year degree are required to have only 4, hours of experience.

Professionals who pursue project management certification are making a valuable, long-term investment in their careers. Many companies offer professional development benefits that may cover employee education and professional credentialing costs. What if you schedule your exam but for some reason, you fail to appear for it. To avoid any kind of inconvenience or loss for the candidates, PMI provides a refund policy as well.

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If you successfully apply within the valid period, PMI will charge you USD as the processing fee and the rest will be returned back to you. Unfortunately, if you are not able to clear your exam in the first attempt, then be disheartened as PMI provides an option to retake the examination. You are eligible for 3 retakes in a year. PMI members hold some special privileges. There are three types of memberships provided by PMI:. Now that you know about the types of PMI memberships, let me now generalize the privileges, each of these offers:. So, this pretty much concludes everything you need to know regarding the PMI memberships.

In the next section of this article, I will be giving you a complete timeline that you can follow to clear your certification exam in the first attempt. Because these certification exams are not at all easy and require you to put in maximum efforts. Hence it is important that you balance your work responsibilities so that you can devote maximum time for preparation. But after a great amount of research, an ideal exam preparation timeline was curated.

According to this timeline, it takes approx weeks for a working professional to prepare for the exam. Below is the diagrammatic representation of the estimated timeline. They help you in gaining better insights into various parameters and requirements of different types of projects. You can opt for any of them as per your preference. But if you ask me, I would suggest you to go for an online one. Talking about the training, they are generally 4 weeks long be it online or offline.

With these, you get proper guidance from an expert along with various study materials. So, by the time your training is over, you can schedule your exam. It will be wise to schedule the exam after an interval of weeks as it will give you enough time to study thoroughly about project management. These weeks will be a crucial part of your preparation as this is the time where you have put your mind and soul into the preparation.

The concepts you study and learn now will be helpful for the rest of your life. The following table represents the exact mapping of processes:. Remember, if you have a limited amount of time it is of utmost importance that you optimize and utilize your time well. You have to solve all these questions within 4 hours.

And since there is no negative marking, I would suggest you attempt each and every question, even if you are not sure about the correct answer. I guess its clear from the diagram where you have to dedicate more time. If you get a questionnaire with easy questions, then the passing score is likely to be higher for you.

Pmp: Project Management Professional: Study Guide

As this form is really long and time-consuming, it will be a total waste if your application gets rejected. Once you have made sure of these requirements, you can go ahead and fill the form. But now, PMI has retired the paper-based application and encourages everyone to fill credential exams online. Let me now discuss them in detail:.

What is the current version of the PMP exam? When will the PMP exam change? The PMP exam typically changes every months. An updated version of the PMP exam will be released on July 1, and will take the place of the current exam. That said, there may be additional references used for the updated exam. What will change with the new PMP exam? Updates to the new PMP exam will include: Project Management "Domains" will be reduced from 5 to 3 Agile concepts will play a more dominant role in the exam than in the past Predictive or "Waterfall" approaches to project management will be reflected less For more in-depth information, please see below.

What is the cost of the PMP exam? Yes, PMTraining will always offer updated courseware to all students prior to the release of a new exam version.

These five basic process groups, which are common across all projects, are listed below along with the percentage of questions one should expect on the PMP exam:. The actual exam is offered in both a computer based testing CBT environment, as well as through proctored paper-based exams. Since , the PMP certification has become one of the most sought after internationally recognized management credentials available. The following are the minimum requirements in attaining the PMP certification:. A complete list of all processes, grouped by Knowledge Area, is outlined at the end of this page.

Significant enhancements were made to improve readability, and terminology was updated only to present them consistently in a verb-noun format. In addition, the PMI maintains a membership of more than , individuals, including more than , PMP-certified individuals across countries. Visit the PMI Site. These processes are used throughout the Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling and Monitoring, and Closing segments of a project. Project Integration Management. Project Communications Management. Project Procurement Management.

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Project Stakeholder Management.