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The amount of damage Avery takes in each book is both humorous and refreshing after seeing so many heroes go through unscathed. I recommend this series and book to anyone who likes Shadow run, Cyberpunk or Escape from New York style stories. Avery Cates continues his quest. Keeps me interested reading as I usually listen on Audible.

The Eternal Prison

If it stays interesting I'll keep going thru the books. Read the excerpt. Urban fantasy meets dystopian sci-fi Unique and addictive even reading second time through. I had a bad cold while reading this second Avery Cates novel. Every time that my chest got itchy and I'd start coughing, hacking and heaving At least I wasn't in Cates shoes. This blazingly fast paced kicker of a novel will make your greatest worries and trials and colds seem like a bowl of cherries in comparison.

Fast and Fatal, you won't have time to even think about regretting buying this book.

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Ir a Amazon. Volver arriba. Gana dinero con nosotros. Todos los derechos reservados. Amazon Music Transmite millones de canciones. Author: jsomers December 12, 5 Comments. In jotting down notes for an Avery Cates sequel or three a while ago, I started with a story fragment which turned into about 10, words of actual story. I sat on it for a while, but never had time to get back to a full-fledged novel what with working on We Are Not Good People and writing blogs for what seems like half the Internet.

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And so I have. Mysterious inhuman figures, an abandoned prison, and … The Howler. And Avery slowly gets his mojo back. Just 99 cents American money, kids. Google Play.

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Author: jsomers September 2, 5 Comments. There is, simply, a lot of cursing in the Avery Cates books. Well, in all my fiction, actually, because, frankly, people curse in real life. I worry about it when I read in public, though; not because my audiences are filled with blue-haired old ladies who will die from shock—the people who actually attend any reading I do are quite prepared for a little cursing—but because I am the blue-haired lady in this scenario.

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Somehow I become all guilt-ridden and Catholic when I find myself having to shout cocksucker at the top of my voice in a room filled with strangers. One, I can bowdlerize my own writing and replace every curse word with its prime-time equivalent, frick for fuck and all that jazz. This has the unfortunate side effect of making me resemble the berries and cream lad. Finally, I can read the text as is but emphasize every curse word with something that can only be described as gusto , delighting in the sudden freedom of being able to shout curses at a crowd and not be arrested.

The Terminal State

Generally I choose the latter as it promises the least humiliation, and everyone seems to enjoy themselves. In my everyday life I generally go around cloaked in what I have dubbed White Boy Politeness , which is a way of behaving towards people that generally makes folks want to rub your head and call you a good lad, even thirteen-year-old kids who would otherwise be knifing you for meth money.

This sometimes causes a minor bout of mental dissonance when people meet me for the first time just prior to a reading. I am all, shucks, nice to meet you, did you know I was an Eagle Scout? And then I am all fuck you, cocksucker. Of course, this is nothing compared to my other public reading foible, which is spontaneous and inexplicable pantslessness. So if all you ever experience during one of my readings is some rough language, consider yourself: lucky.

Now mysterious assailants have infected Cates with a plague of nanobots that kills anyone he encounters and then reanimates the corpses. His condition draws the attention of the System authorities, who wonder why Cates himself has not fallen victim to the disease; they keep him alive in an effort to identify a cure. Amid sometimes flat scenes of gunfighting, betrayal and nanotech zombie uprisings, Cates's noirish narrative voice stands out as the book's real strength.

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