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Accurate finite element models were calibrated against the tests and used for parametric studies. Analytical methods were developed for determining buckling loads by energy-based analyses as were beam-element based finite elements that account for the effect of local and distortional buckling. The paper summarises the test programs, the failure modes observed, the obtained moment rotation relationships for the joints, the procedures developed for the finite element modelling of portal frames, including the modelling of joints, the analytical methods developed, and the methods proposed for the design of large-span cold-formed steel portal frames.

Twenty years ago the Direct Strength Method DSM was first proposed as an efficient alternative to traditional design methods for thin-walled cold-formed steel CFS structural members. DSM may be regarded as one implementation of a class of generalized slenderness methods that are used in structural design. The objective of this paper is to discuss progress in the last 10 years of DSM-based design and discuss the future potential of the approach.

This work builds upon an exhaustive review of DSM that was provided in This review largely summarized the development of the version of DSM that was first adopted in the American CFS standard in and a comprehensive DSM design guide published in Since significant advances in DSM have occurred in strength prediction in shear, torsion, and combined loading; DSM efforts have also addressed buckling mode interactions, built-up members, elevated temperatures, member optimization, stiffness and ductility predictions, system-level implementations and more.

Review on Cold-Formed Steel Connections

Compared with the first ten years a much broader group of researchers is contributing to the advancement of DSM. Looking to the future DSM is well positioned to provide useful and efficient structural predictions and current efforts will continue to expand the scope and applicability of DSM. Additive manufacturing, commonly known as 3D printing, is an evolutional technology in the manufacturing industry. This technology has already been embraced by different industries, such as aerospace and biomedical engineering, and the recent advance in this technology has generated a vast of societal excitement for its future.

Despite the exciting prospect of its application in civil engineering, additive manufacturing technology is still at a perceived stage for construction industry. The benefits and potential in construction industry are rarely known in the field at this stage.

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This paper aims to investigate the material properties and structural performance of additive manufactured high strength steel square and rectangular hollow sections SHS and RHS in crosssection level through experimental program. The specimens were additively manufactured from H13 steel powder by Selective Laser Melting SLM with three different printing patterns, where the typical yield strength of the conventionally manufactured H13 steel is around MPa.

The test program comprised tensile coupon tests, hardness tests as well as geometric imperfection measurements and stub column tests. The anisotropy on material properties was examined through tensile coupon tests in both longitudinal and transverse directions. The influences of printing pattern on material properties and structural behavior of additive manufactured high strength steel SHS and RHS stub columns were also investigated. The test results were used to assess the applicability of existing design provisions in the American Specification, Australian Standard and European Code that originally developed for conventionally produced tubular sections to the additive manufactured high strength steel tubular sections in this study.

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Cold-formed Tubular Members and Connections: Structural Behaviour and Design

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