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However, modest efforts are being implemented to develop fruit varieties that can be registered and recommended for planting. The current methods of breeding consisting of germplasm enhancement, on-site evaluation and selection, hybridization and selection have led to the registration of superior varieties of mango, papaya, durian, jackfruit, avocado, rambutan, chico, soursop and others. Techniques of modern biotechnology are being utilized to address problems that are difficult to solve using conventional methods. Genetic engineering projects to develop ringspot virus resistant papaya, bunchy-top virus resistant banana and papaya and mango with longer shelf life are currently being done in collaboration with laboratories abroad.

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Chinese agricultural scientists are using gene-editing tools to create soybean mutants that can adapt to warmer climates in low-altitude regions, in a bid to increase production of the crop in southern China. Scientists from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences have knocked out two key genes that regulate soybean flowering to ….

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A series of genome editing-related research work in Africa has triggered the need for the continent to develop a dedicated policy for new and precision breeding techniques. According to experts who are already doing gene editing research, National Biosafety Authorities in the continent need to develop regulations on ….

Sign up for our Week in Review. Researchers say the results improve our …. While other key commodity crops — including corn, soybeans and cotton — have ….

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