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We seek love because loving and being loved makes our happy happier, and our challenges more manageable. Ironically, the first person we need to love is ourselves, so we can really love others.

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Yet, we fear love because it makes us vulnerable. Their consideration—or lack of consideration—for our feelings, hopes and dreams is either the wings that help us fly… or love is the sword that fills our heart with emotional angst that possibly leaves unseen scars. Even when our head tries to protect our hearts, the love paradox is that our hearts want to love and be loved. The types of love are almost impossible to count. The way we love romantic partners, children, parents, siblings, friends and pets is different.

Yet, they all share the basic emotion or feeling connected to another.

The Paradox of Love

We also love songs, movies and books because they make us feel. We love our goals because they inspire us. We love things because of the memories we associate with them. Love is a vast, all-consuming experience — we always seek, embrace or avoid it.

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Some spiritual masters claim that our only goal is to love. Yet, can we really love everything and have any self-protection boundaries? The paradox is: If we did love everything, would we need boundaries? Ironically, sometimes the most loving thing we can do for someone we love is to let them live the consequences of their actions.

Neither the pusher, nor the one being pushed, may feel the love at that moment.

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Yes, love is a paradox. It makes us feel happier, and more connected than any other feeling.

The Paradox of Love & Hate: Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder - BPD Relationship Expert

Click To Tweet. If you are romantic Valentine-less this year, instead of letting the day be defined by feeling sad, or if you want to celebrate love beyond romance, consider celebrating by doing these things instead:. Do something that recharges your soul—take a bubble bath, enjoy a glass of wine, some chocolate, and listen to your favorite tunes. Invite your single friends to your house. Order pizza, play games or watch funny movies.

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The Paradox Of Love: The Ugliness behind Love

More Info. We have a tight-knit community that loves to engage in small groups. Join us! That would be approval, compassion, affection, attraction, commitment, and acceptance.

The Paradox Of Love: The Ugliness behind Love - Lifehacks With DrC

Love is what we give and how we live. Love is a verb. It is the actions we take, the words we say, and most importantly it is the way we think about and see others.


Look with the eyes of love and you will see into the heart of life and into the very soul of those around you. Love with the mind of love and you will choose in alignment with the highest intentions you hold.