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Those who maintain and administer commodity clusters will find this textbook provides essential coverage of not only what HPC systems do, but how they are used. Covers enabling technologies, system architectures and operating systems, parallel programming languages and algorithms, scientific visualization, correctness and performance debugging tools and methods, GPU accelerators and big data problemsProvides numerous examples that explore the basics of supercomputing, while also providing practical training in the real use of high-end computersHelps users with informative and practical examples that build knowledge and skills through incremental stepsFeatures sidebars of background and context to present a live history and culture of this unique fieldIncludes online resources, such as recorded lectures from the authors' HPC courses.

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Promise and challenge of high-performance computing, with examples from molecular modelling. Dunning , Robert J. Harrison , David Feller , Sotiris S. References Publications referenced by this paper. Seidel , Bernard Fay.

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Enabling Technologies for Petaflops Computing

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Enabling Technologies for Petaflops Computing by Thomas Sterling, Paul C. Messina | Waterstones

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