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The next section covers Oracle's web server, containers for Java web caching, and the server's security features. Although the book refers mainly to Oracle Application Server 10g, the authors also describe features in earlier product releases where necessary, particularly Oracle9i Application Server.

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More comprehensible than a large reference and more detailed than a primer, the book provides a foundation for understanding and using Oracle Application Server effectively and efficiently. Readers concentrate on the most important issues and components of the server, focusing primarily on principles rather than syntax.

Designed to be the ideal first OracleAS book, 'Oracle Application Server 10g Essentials' offers Oracle application developers and administrators everything they need to know about this powerful server. Preface 1. Additional Resources Index. He is a trainer and consultant for Wintellect www. Neem contact met mij op over Events Sprekers Incompany.

Oracle Application Server 10g Administration Handbook

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Oracle Application Server 10g (9.0.4) Portal Installation On RedHat Advanced Server 2.1

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Instal and conigur Oracle Application Server 10g and Apply patch_5983622

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Deploying a Web Application to Oracle Application Server 10g

Bedankt voor uw beoordeling Uw reactie is inmiddels op de website geplaatst en zal door onze redactie beoordeeld worden. The first is that Web Cache is not terribly useful in GC 10 g , and provides very little performance advantage over logging in to the Console directly to OHS.

Most Console requests, being ad hoc, are for dynamic data with very little cached content, generally limited to icons, menu items, headers, and footers. Lastly, Console access via Web Cache is unsecure on HTTP port out of the box, and the configuration process to secure such access is nontrivial and undocumented.

This is a gaping security hole for sites that want to use Web Cache, but need to enforce secure communications between all GC components. If any part of the content is in its cache, such as from navigating to a previous page, Web Cache sends that part of the content directly to the Console browser and stores a copy of the page in cache. This is known as a cache hit. If Web Cache does not have the requested content, or if the content is stale or invalid, it hands off the request to the OHS, which requests the data from the Management Service. This is known as a cache miss. Before installing GC 11 g or CC 12 c , you must first install a certified database to house the Management Repository.

By contrast, in GC 10 g , while you had the option to first manually install an Oracle 10 g or 11 g Database, you could alternatively choose to have the OUI install a single-instance Oracle 10 g Database containing the Management Repository.

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This distinction is more than just a superficial difference in installation choices; it is an architectural diversion between 10 g and the later 11 g and 12 c releases. One can safely assume that the Oracle EM development team recognized that there are too many supported releases including patch sets and types of Oracle database installations available in OEM 11 g and 12 c to be able to choose just one type or offer multiple installation types through the OEM Installers. Database releases and patch sets include The EM development team understandably wanted to get out of the business of having to maintain links in the OEM Installer to one or more Oracle database releases and patch sets certified for the Management Repository.

Even if the EM group chose for the 11 g and 12 c Installers only to offer the latest certified database release and patch set for the Repository, this would be a moving target. That is, new database patch sets released and certified with OEM would supersede any earlier database patch set that might be bundled with the OEM software.

By not offering to lay down an Oracle database as an option in the OEM 11 g or 12 c Installers, the responsibility for selection of a particular Oracle database release, and the database architecture, is left with the DBA performing the EM installation.

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