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The ammunition belt is the standard DShK metal non-disintegrating link. The gun itself weighs The rate-of-fire is between to RPM, its range against aircraft is 1,m slant and up to an altitude of m. After tip changed to black only. From tip changed to purple only.


The following are the rounds that have been issued for military issue during the period to and use the Chinese meaning of the word. Type 54 high shooting machine gun armour penetrating incendiary round Type 54 high shooting machine gun armour penetrating incendiary tracer round Type 56 high shooting machine gun armour penetrating incendiary round Type 56 high shooting machine gun armour penetrating incendiary tracer round Type 56 high shooting machine gun incendiary round This is an explosive that gives off a bright flash upon detonation.

Obviously it can also be used as a ranging round. The Chinese and comparable designations are:. Used in the Type 54, 77 and 85 heavy machine guns, the cartridge and weapons are generally used in the air defence role. The primary cartridges in Chinese service are the armour piercing incendiary; armour piercing incendiary — tracer, and armour piercing discarding sabot.

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It can vary in weight from to g, and from The API-T cartridge uses a copper jacketed lead sheathed steel core projectile with the incendiary compound in the rear and the tracer compound behind that. It can vary in weight from grams upward.

FD-2000/HQ-9 Air Defence System - Pakistan’s Counter To Indian S-400 Missile System - S400 Vs FD2000

The APDS incendiary projectile uses a tungsten penetrator inside a sabot. The cartridge weighs between Its chamber pressure is The DVD06 They can penetrate 20mm of homogenous steel plate at m hardness not given and 7mm at 1,m. They can be identified by two crimp dents behind the cartridge shoulder and has an elongated projectile when compared to standard The cartridge can be used in the Type 85, 88 and 89 There are The Type 54 has a planning range of 2,m in air defence and 1,m in ground defence.

The API cartridge weighs between to g, with the projectile itself weighing between 63 to The API-T cartridge has an overall length of between The tracer lasts over three seconds and burns out more than 2,m. Using a tungsten core, this APDS cartridge, Introduced for use in the QJZ91 heavy machine gun which did not see service it can be described as the forerunner to the DGJ02 cartridge.

It was mm long overall and had a weight range of between The DGJ02 AP-T cartridge uses a 45g tungsten penetrator, wrapped in a discarding sabot with dual colour tracer to aid ranging. The sabot splits and leaves the penetrator between to m from the muzzle. At m it is quoted as having a 90 percent chance of being able to penetrate 15mm of armour plate set at 30 0. At m after penetrating a 2mm soft steel plate representing an aircraft skin it can further penetrate a 1. Developed for export, the M cartridge is identical in performance to the Type 56 At m it can penetrate 1.

Type 95 battery command vehicle with CLC-2 search radar deployed above and stowed below. The Ludun is a Chinese copy of the Thales Nederland Goalkeeper 30 mm close-in weapons system CIWS mounted on the rear a 8 x 8 single cab flat bed truck and generator and system container behind the cabin. There are two round cylindrical magazines either side of the gun.

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The system can intercept targets flying at a velocity of Mach 2 or below. Although a target can be optically tracked up to 18 km, a cruise missile with a radar cross section of approximately 0. The gun has a maximum effective range of 2. The response time of 9. In the anti-aircraft role, the Ludun system is claimed to be as effective as a battalion of 18 Type 65 twin 37mm anti-aircraft guns. The engagement and tracking radar as yet undesignated, operates in the Ku-Band.

More recent imagery depicts the addition of a mast mounted search radar and six launch tubes for the TY Surface-to-Air-Missile. This will limit the system's ability to acquire and track low signature targets, especially guided weapons. A single H or SJ supporting three, four or six LD fire units makes for a formidable point defence capability. A mature LD variant has the potential to be a very effective terminal defence weapon against supersonic and subsonic guided weapons.

Elevating acquisition radar appears to be a variant of the YJ series. Type 90 35 mm towed AAA gun, deployed and stowed. A typical battery combines six 57 mm guns, one eight round launcher, and a single radar vehicle, equipped with what appears to be a JY variant. The HQ-7 Crotale round on display. FM Crotale display model at Zhuhai, The acquisition radar uses a planar array with a boresighted IFF array. Two radar types have been disclosed, a concave reflector design and a newer planar array design.

A 6x6 YanAn SX truck carries two rounds on a slewable elevating launcher. Guidance is provided by the Type radar system. HQ 6 x 6 TEL vehicle.

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Navalised HQ variant. This missile is frequently cited as the direct replacement for the conceptually similar but much bulkier HQ The missile is a semi-active homing design, reliant on a CW illuminator which is cued by an acquisition and tracking radar. Cited battery composition is one acquisition radar, three engagement radars and six TELs, with eight support vehicles providing missile transport, backup and primary power supply, missile test, electronics maintenance, mechanical maintenance, tools and spares.

Hanwha Defense

The acquisition radar is likely to be a derivative of the CLC-2 series operating at 2. The engagement radar is a truck mounted variant of the naval LY engagement radar, which is a single channel X-band design with providing CW illumination of the target.

Until recently, no good imagery was available for the radar package, specifications remain unstated. Other sources claim the capability to detect 40 targets, track 12, and engage three. The LY displays the same clipped wings as the box launch late model Aspide. LY launch. Designated the FB-6A it uses the TY90 surface—to-air missile that is 1, mm long, 90 mm in diameter and weighs 20 kg.

The missile is quoted as having an effective range of between to 6,m; can engage targets flying at altitudes from 15 to m; and can reach Mach 2. The launcher is quoted, as being able to acquire a target a 12 km, a reaction time of 2 to 3 seconds and the vehicle and launcher are a direct copy of the HMMWV. WZD demonstrator.

The Yi Tian wheeled self-propelled surface-to-air missile system uses the WMZ 6x6 wheeled armoured fighting vehicle hull on which is mounted a surface-to-air missile comprising two square quad box launchers each containing a TY short range short-range surface-to-air missile separated by the sensor system and mounting. A top this is a mast mounted rotating planar array low probability of intercept LPI radar, designated the [36]. Against a helicopter or non-stealth attack aircraft the radar provides surveillance out to 18km, tracking at 12km, engagement at 10km with the missile firing at 6km from an oncoming target.

Against a cruise missile the surveillance range drops to 8km. The vehicle takes 30 seconds to prepare for firing from a cold start and two seconds to move which would assume the engine is running. The battalion headquarters consists of a WZ armoured command vehicle 4x4 truck with a folding mast mounted IRIS radar. Become a member Our members Contact Login Register.

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Find out more. Our sectors are vital to the UK's growth and prosperity. To aid the movement of both soldiers and civilians in a conflict zone, MBDA also provides highly advanced mine detection and clearance systems. Ground Based Air Defence. Long range ballistic missiles, stealth aircraft, Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles and cruise missiles make up just part of the new and proliferating threat from the sky. Defence against this complex threat calls for networked surveillance and control systems as well as a layered architecture of short, medium and long range anti-air missiles.

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