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Backward Christian soldiers

Midweek is all about helping you engage with God holistically—in every relationship in your life. Reliable interpretation, solid doctrine, and amazing insight make this podcast a great supplement to help you grow strong and fruitful as a Christian. Larry Richards is the founder and president of The Reason for our Hope Foundation, a non- profit organization dedicated to "spreading the Good News" by educating others about Jesus Christ.

His new homilies are posted each week. Discovering the Bible's answers is the focus of Living on the Edge, the broadcast ministry of Chip Ingram.

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Each weekday, Chip will take you to God's Word for advice on topics like strengthening your marriage, understanding love and sex, raising moral children, and overcoming painful emotions. Chip also shares honestly from his own experiences. We are passionate about God and people. Download free lectures about spirituality, religion, kabbalah, the Bible, Greek myth, Runes, astrology, alchemy, meditation, the Zohar, Tantra, sacred sexuality, and much more. A free public service from Glorian Publishing, a non-profit organization. The Potter's Touch, a weekly program, with Bishop T.

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Jakes, tackles today's topics and confronts the hidden issues and invisible scars that go untreated. T wo days before his presidential inauguration, Donald Trump greeted a pair of visitors at his office in Trump Tower.

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As a swarm of reporters waited in the gilded lobby, the Rev. When Johnston pointed it out to Trump, the President-elect responded by marveling at the thick glass on the windows of his office — bulletproof panels installed after the election. It was clear that Trump was still preoccupied with his November victory, and pleased with his performance with one constituency in particular. They gently reminded Trump that neither of them was an evangelical.

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They explained they were mainline Protestants, the same Christian tradition in which Trump, a self-described Presbyterian, was raised and claims membership.