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Shark Time Pouch on Moogly: This is one of my most popular patterns, and it takes only about yards of yarn! Though saying that probably makes me un-hip. Use plastic lacing for a tough cover that wipes clean! I can see both guys and girls going for this tongue in cheek piece. This pattern is bringing up a malware warning! Do you make and sell items made from Hooked…. The Everyday, Everywhere Scarf is a triple threat!

The Weekend Crafter®: Crochet: 20 Simple and Stylish Designs to Wear

It is a fashionable Fall accessory, it uses four stitches to teach you new techniques, and it makes a great stash buster! A warm welcome to Marie Sergares of Underground Crafter as my first guest designer! She has written us a classy, texture-rich scarf pattern that is done in beautiful yarn made of recycled polyester. August 3rd is National Watermelon Day!

I thought it would awesomely appropriate to make a round up of adorable watermelon-inspired patterns to start out this August. Here are some awesome watermelon crochet patterns…. Crochet patterns, amigurumi, and ramblings on creativity. Have you ever crocheted your own basket? Do you walk through the store aisles thinking of…. I mean, look at the cuteness! I could say so much about them, but I prefer to dive right in and show you where to find them.

Although, I…. There are so many different style, too! Some start in the round while others end by going around. You will see long sleeves to no sleeves and…. These patterns are incredible and so satisfying they are bound to get your crojo…. We purchase and use baskets and containers for everything and we rarely consider the possibilities of getting into basket crochet patterns for storage.

Why is that? Are we afraid to get them dirty? They can be washed.

Crochet ponchos for kids and adults are such a great way to add a layer of warmth to any outfit.

Basket crochet patterns…. Do you recognize those patterns? FaveCrafts has not only been a great resource for me as a crafter with tons and tons of links to…. The Odyssey hooks not only look amazing, but they really can transition from one stitch to another by gliding along no matter the texture of yarn you choose. The balance is just lovely, even for me using a knife grip! What exactly do I mean by a 3-in-1 crochet messy bun hat pattern? Well, this pattern makes 3 styles of beanie for those of us with every-changing styles. You Made This! I still have so many amazing pictures from….

You will definitely want to check out her other patterns as well. I bet you are ready to jump straight into it, right? Be sure to read…. Meet the Seashore messy bun hat crochet pattern…. There may be more because they are just too much fun! This one happens to be adult or child…. Nothing like a little fun in your towel crochet pattern! When I saw these colors sitting together, I knew they needed to be married for this glorious piece.

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Who has enough crochet towels? Not me! My entire family loves them…. Here we are with another edition of You Made This! Remember to use the Submit Your Picture page…. Simplicity Phone Sleeve Last year, my go-to stocking stuffer was the phone sleeve and my Simplicity Phone Sleeve crochet pattern was the one I used the most. I will be posting another next week so keep an eye out for…. One Skein crochet Cowl patterns Work one of these gorgeous, one skein crochet cowl patterns in a single evening.

You could evening make a couple during a day trip! Sometimes we think a one skein project may not be as…. Scarf crochet pattern When it comes to selecting a little scarf crochet pattern or neckwarmer, this triangle scarf crochet pattern is perfect for all outfits, all abilities, and all levels of experience. Everything you guys are making makes me smile and I want to see more. A Super Scarf is a regular scarf, but gigantic! The guidelines were that Super Scarves should…. Crochet Sock Patterns Every single year, I spend time looking at crochet slipper and crochet sock patterns, comparing them, collecting links and saving images on Pinterest.

How to Make a Shawl Toggle — Video This video tutorial will show you exactly how to make a shawl toggle that will allow you to extend the variety of choices to style your crocheted wearables and keep your shawls….

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Right now,…. As a matter of fact, I first drafted this post 2 years ago- May 19, Since then, a lot…. This stunning Coraline in Rome super scarf crochet pattern was inspired by thoughts of Grace Kelly and Coraline in Rome. I had not heard from Coraline since she was in Rio and she surprised me with a quick letter that…. You may notice, every…. Make a set or several of these adorable Tiny Angel Wings that are 2. These have been an absolute joy to gift and make for friends and loved ones.

As you…. Crochet Chat with Mistie and Celina 5 Crochet Chat with Mistie and Celina is a mashup of crochet news, reviews, updates, tips, and general fun. Below is a live video from SimplyCollectibleCrochet. All links from the video are…. Free Barefoot Sandals crochet patterns Summer is a time of frolicking, girliness, and playtime and these free barefoot sandals crochet patterns can add some sass to the summer fun! They may look a little complicated, but I assure you they…. This is such a pretty, simple flower….

Soft Flyers free crochet pattern Soft Flyers free crochet pattern makes the best pool toy, indoor frisbee golf, occupational therapy tool, toddler toy, man cave toy, picnic toy, even pet toy. NOT intended to be a chew toy. I originally…. Delayed shipments to Canada beginning on July 2 — Important notice for merchants If you are an independent artist, merchant, or exporter of any kind, you know shipping to Canada and other countries can make or break your business. Not only is the chevron visually appealing, but this texture is to die for and I am already planning….

Details below. Summer is finally here again, with the temperatures rising each day as the sun…. Lovey Shells and Chevrons is a beautifully textured lovey that is quick n easy to make with this Crochet Lovey Pattern just in time for a perfect baby shower gift. You are going to love the feel and ease of….

Weekend Crafter: Crochet : 20 Simple and Stylish Designs to Wear by Jane | eBay

Scarves and Shawls free crochet patterns When you need to make something with just the right impact to complete an outfit or a little wrap for the beach, you can count on this list of scarves and shawls free crochet…. This may be one of my favorite series. This is when you get to show off that you made this with Simply Collectible patterns. Let everyone know who the birthday person is by tagging them with a lovely scarf or the set of Cupcake…. She was introduced to me by her sister…. It seems she…. So, I must tell you… this has been such a popular post!

Please comment below and I can add yours to this list as we…. But then I…. I thought it would be amazing to see what you use, how you finish, and share your project with the cyber…. Sewing Tips Do I really want to learn to sew again? I have even purchased two machines and returned them because I…. Coraline in Rio Mini Wrap crochet pattern Finally! Here is the Coraline in Rio Mini Wrap crochet pattern. Last you probably recall, she was in….

Within 2 to 3 hours,…. Decor and Ornament crochet patterns Every year includes the timely and lovely tradition of putting up banners, lights, candles, and trees. Why not work on the tradition of making an ornament every year? Over 30 One Skein crochet patterns These patterns are going to be the perfect reason to purchase single skeins and try out your skills with a new yarn, texture, or stitch.

Not only that, but many times we have a…. Coloring When I was a child, I would ask for two of the same coloring book so I could skip from using vibrant colors in one to muted tones in the second. When I was a teen and could not…. Maybe you have a crochet business or you are finishing projects for your family. This is about YOUR stash or projects and since we invest so much….

An adorable hat can keep you…. Crochet Hack You are going to love this crochet hack shared by my friend Margie through social media. Free Shawl Crochet Patterns From stunning, modern pieces to conservative and simple designs, these sensational shawl crochet patterns are not only eye-catching, but easy to duplicate. Browse through and save the link to this compilation. Many of these can be…. They really make up part of my most favorite set which also…. Slouch hat free crochet pattern After her honeymoon, Penelope and her husband followed Coraline to New Mexico. Penelope has dreads and she really wanted a cute hat for their visit so I worked up one of these slouches.

She loves…. Last month, You Made This! Not only do we get to see your talents, but you….

I meant to go back for more but I got distracted making this cute little…. Coaster or Scrubbie free crochet pattern Retro Bloom is a funny little thing.

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Scrubbie free crochet pattern Just a few days ago, we were on a drive through the Hill Country in Central Texas when I noticed the Firewheels. The first time I noticed them was three years ago when my son 5…. So what is all this crochet colorwork about? This free sun hat pattern makes a lovely sun hat from sizes from Infant to Adult shading their nose and eyes from the rays….

We have a plastic ban bag in Austin and it is strongly encouraged that we carry…. Find Coraline in the Wine Country HERE After a handful of years collecting images via email, Etsy, and Ravelry of the coolest things you make from my patterns, I have added a submission form so you can share your images…. She and I have challenged…. If you know a bit about my…. Scrubbie Free Crochet Pattern Crochet your own reusable cotton balls or small 3. Pamper yourself or Baby with eco-friendly cloths you crochet yourself. Be sure to use cotton to create the softest, most delicious, crocheted scrubbies to remove makeup….

You want him to have the whole world at his finger tips, and now you can. Follow this carefully designed and easy to follow Earth Amigurumi crochet pattern. I first released this pattern in when my son was only…. How cool is that? So, Coraline went up to Minden, Ontario….

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  4. My Lil Angel Wings Crochet Pattern Versatile and simple, My Lil Angel free angel wings crochet pattern is a delightful little set that can be worked up within the hour. Try this for amigurumi, baby photo props, pet costumes,…. Make them in Team Colors or lengthen the pigtails. The pattern is below. Need a Smaller size?