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America, Eurasia,and Antarctica , nine countries, and numerous islands ranging from Greenland to Jan Mayen in the Svalbard group.

ISAM-I helped to develop ongoing interests and initiate others. Its mandate was to: involve a maximum of one third new participants in future ISAM meetings: divide the responsibility for organizing future meetings at sites located in areas of interest to research thrusts in Arctic and alpine environments: keep the number of participants small enough to ensure manageability, taking full advantage of field collecting opportunities with minimal complications and cost.


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Show all. Endophytic fungi of Alpine Ericaceae. Sarcoleotia Globosa Sommerf. They represent first records of this species and of arctic-alpine fungi in general in these mountain ranges as well as new species records for Macedonia and Montenegro.

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The findings of M. As they belong to southernmost localities of the species, they confirm the co-occurrence of this saprobic species with its host plant also in disjunct, island populations at the southern edge of the distribution of Dryas octopetala.

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We provide a detailed morphological description of the western Balkan specimens and a map of the southern European distribution of M. Keywords: Agaricomycetes, alpine belt, arctic-alpine element, Balkan Peninsula, biogeography, distribution, Macedonia, Montenegro. Marasmius epidryas at the southern edge of its potential distribution range: discovery of populations in the western Balkan mountains Ronikier A.

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