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Digital printing also significantly reduces waste.

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In the past, Jeppesen stored up to tens of thousands of each offset-produced chart to accommodate new orders, and then discarded the inventory when a chart was revised. HP digital presses allow Jeppesen to stop producing overruns of new customer orders by providing a cost effective print on demand solution.

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The inch wide HP T press uses proven HP Scalable Printing Technology to provide full-color variable-data printing at speeds up to 2, letter-size pages per minute. The press prints on inkjet coated stocks, as well as nearly all standard uncoated papers — including the lightweight, lb.

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Unlike other solutions, HP Inkjet Web Presses include a bonding agent that eliminates the show-through problems often associated with lightweight stocks in high-speed, inkjet production. May 22, Join Thousands of Fellow Followers Login or register now to gain instant access to the rest of this premium content! To start with some basics, Hall points out that the color modes for print and web design are significantly different. These two formats follow different rules, so any color scheme displayed on a computer screen in RGB needs to be converted to CMYK for print, and vice-versa.

The vast majority of viewers will be accessing your website on a smartphone screen mobile and tablet internet usage officially exceeded desktop usage worldwide — To really get a handle on best practices, John Clifford, Creative Director at Think Studio , recommends a reading list to help tweak your pre-existing skillset for digitally specific requirements. Want to dive deeper?

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  8. UX or User Experience is the name for the digital design field concerned with making digital experiences seamless and appealing to users, and Lachowicz recommends reading as much as you can about UX best practices and guidelines. Pickens broadened her horizons from her trusty tool Photoshop to include web-specific tools like InVision software that allows users to create design prototypes, presentations, workflows, and facilitates team collaboration , and Sketch a design program used for creating project drafts and editing images.

    Troubleshooting Guide for Digital-to-Analog Converter Boxes and Digital Televisions

    Applications like these allow you to design dynamic projects as opposed to static mockups, so you can get a sense of the UX as you go. Functional mockups and the software that lets you create them are essential for conveying your designs to web developers who will then turn them into a live website, and David Lee, CEO at Kastling Group , adds that familiarizing yourself with UX design tools and software—like Axure, Balsamiq, and UXPin—is key in making the move from print to digital design. Davidson started dabbling in print design in the s, and eventually earned a degree in print media design, but—as the digital landscape started to encroach on his print world—he had felt the need to branch out into web design.

    Early on, the results were frustrating. Clifford also recommends reaching out to other web designers as a way of making sure your print design skills are digital-ready.

    Lab 11: The Transition from Analog to Digital Circuits

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