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He had been building them for years, each time a new piece of intelligence came in. If he read it, he could recall it. Nash began to construct his line of questioning. With as much instinct as logic, he laid his traps and anticipated their lies. It would likely take weeks to completely break them, but they would talk.

They always did.

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Somewhere over the eastern Atlantic he received his first secure message that there was a problem. As the plane raced along at 47, feet the drama unfolded via a painful exchange of updates from Langley. Three senators, who had been at the base on a fact-finding mission, had caught wind of the two new detainees and requested to see them. The base commander, through either sheer stupidity or a calculated desire to please those who could advance his career, relented and let the senators sit down with the high-ranking prisoners. They also happened to despise the CIA. After their one-hour meeting with the prisoners, the three senators told the base commander in very stark terms that his ass was on the line.

The fact that one of the prisoners had earned his stripes with the Taliban by blowing up coalition-built schools with little Afghani children in them seemed to be of little consequence to the chairman of the Judiciary Committee. Neither did she care that the prisoners and their organization were not signatories of the Geneva Conventions.

Apparently, she had other priorities. Affording tolerance, respect, and compassion to the bigoted, sadistic, and cold-hearted sounded very noble in principle, but in reality it was a great way to lose a war. These same senators had clamored for action in the months after the attacks on New York and Washington.

A Reagan Forum with Vince Flynn - 10/20/10

They pushed for the use of extreme measures, and gave Langley assurances they would be protected. Now, Nash was reminded of the fable about the scorpion who promises the frog he will not sting him if the frog gives him a ride across the river. They were now halfway across the river, and just like in the fable, instincts had taken over, the stinger was out, and they were all on the verge of drowning. Nash looked at the two prisoners sleeping peacefully in their warm, clean beds.

Extreme Measures: A Thriller (Mitch Rapp Novels)

On the left screen was Abu Haggani, a senior Taliban commander in charge of suicide operations in Afghanistan. It was estimated that his attacks had claimed the lives of more than three thousand civilians and another forty-three coalition soldiers. The man was notorious for intentionally targeting women and children in an effort to intimidate his fellow Afghanis from cooperating with coalition forces.

While Nash unashamedly relished the thought of inflicting severe pain on Haggani, it was al-Haq who interested him most.

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The man was an integral link between al-Qaeda and the Taliban. The secrets he held would be invaluable. Nash had been allowed a maximum of four hours with each man per day for the first three days. Everything was strictly supervised and recorded. No stress positions, no sleep deprivation, no loud music or yelling, no hitting or slapping, no manipulation of diet, and no manipulation of temperature in their cells. Even the mere threat of physical violence had to be approved by lawyers back in Washington. Great book with twists that keep your attention throughout the book.

See a Problem?

I enjoyed the narrators ability to change from characters and keep a consistent rhythm. My favorite Mitch Rapp so far -- more character development and less violence. Extreme measures wasn't as good as Consent to kill. I know it was a book, but it seemed to have a ton of dialogue in it as opposed to action like Extreme measures. None the less, it was a good book and kept my attention most of the time.

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Author:Flynn, Vince

Learn More. Play Sample. Give as a Gift Send this book as a Gift! They have just been assured fair treatment according to the Geneva Convention by several ultra-liberal Senators, including Senator Barbara Lonsdale, the chairwoman of the Judiciary Committee. A half a world away, a terrorist cell the last of three led by Karim Nour-al-Din is training his team of elite commandos in the Triple Frontier of South America. Their ultimate target is Washington D. One willingly gives information on the third cell two others have been intercepted by the CIA while the other needs a bit of coaxing…..

Mitch Rapp style. The tracking down of the third terrorist cell takes a back seat to politics, lawyers, and hearings. Karim suspects one of his own of feeding information, and brutally kills him in front of the others. Karim, as the time gets closer to invading the U. When the day to leave the Triple Frontier arrives, the team efficiently attacks a drug trafficking airstrip killing everyone and taking a plane to Cuba along with the drugs.

There they use high speed boats to enter the U. Chris Johnson is one of those operatives.